Angry Anushka Sharma lashes out at affair speculation!

Anushka Sharma is reportedly having a new guy in her life and that’s none other than Arjun Kapoor. Buzz coming from town states that both are sharing a good connection and are noticed hanging out in cinemas these days.

As per source, “The couple was found coochie-cooing in the corner seat of a suburban multiplex during the late night show of Special 26.” Few days back, both were spotted having coffee at eatery in Juhu, Mumbai. A source informs, “Anushka and Arjun seemed really comfortable with each other. It looked like they were on a date since they were not accompanied by anyone else.”

The spokesman defended the couple stating that both are just close friend. Anushka’s spokesman said, “Anushka and Arjun did go for a movie on Monday. However, they were in a group of ten people. Since, only the two of them were known faces, people around thought they were alone.”

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