Fake topless pictures of Aishwarya Rai upset the actress

Fake topless pictures of Aishwarya Rai upset the actressFake topless pictures of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan doing the rounds of the internet have upset the actress. Rumours that these pictures were taken at a time when Ash was beginning her career in the Indian advertising and modelling industry have been laughed off by her friends. However the actress has taken them seriously and released a statement saying that the pictures are fabricated and that she was never involved. “She would never do something like that. You know the actress you are talking about… no matter at which time in her profession they say these pictures were taken we can guarantee you that they are just the work some of some publicity hungry individual,” says Ash’s manager, “She has made it clear that she will take action against anyone who publishes them on the assumption that they are hers. And so will her close ones.” He goes on to add that this new rumour hasn’t gone done well with the actress or the rest of her family. We spoke to a friend of Aishwarya’s who laughed at the pictures in question which show Rai in a pair of tiny denim shorts with her back to the camera with other models as well some other ones that are much more bold.

“Ash would never do anything like that. She received numerous offers to do shoots which were slightly edgy that anyone who was starting out would do but she always maintained her dignity before the camera. She would never do this… this is so not her! This is just some fun someone has had on their computer. The body isn’t hers. And both she and Abhishek are livid with these pictures being circulated. They refuse to speak on them but they aren’t happy with the situation,” says our source. Whether these pictures are true or not, this won’t be the first time that an actress in Bollywood has found herself in trouble. A couple of years back an alleged MMS of Riya Sen in the buff began circulating within Bollywood and online. And although the actress denied it all along many believe that it was in fact her in the clip. Similarly yesteryear actress Mamta Kulkarni had posed topless for a magazine in India during her heydays while Pooja Bhatt had taken a slightly modest approach where she agreed to paint herself for the cover page of another magazine.

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