Karan Patel says Amita was never my Girlfriend

Karan Patel says Amita was never my GirlfriendStories about Kasturi’s rebellious Robby,Karan Patel, turning tardy are filtering out of Balajee Telefilms.With surprising candour, Karan admits that there was indeed a problem at the Balajee. “Yes, I did come late for the shoot. But that’s because I’ve taken on another show—I’m anchoring Kaho Na Yaar Hai—and initially there’s some problem synchronizing the two schedules although they’re both shows for the same channel.I’m sure it’ll be sorted out very shortly. For now I regret the incovenience caused to the Kasturi team and to Ekta.” Karan admits Ekta was upset about his latecoming. “We had a meeting and I explained my situation. And she’s okay now. Yes the Kasturi cast did walk out en masse because I arrived late. But it’s not something I could help. Or something that I’d do intentionally.”Kasturi’s Bad Boy turned Angel makes another strangely disarming confession. Amita Chandekar, who has a vamp’s part in Kasturi, and who partnered him on Nach Baliye 3 recently was never his real-life girlfriend.”I’d like to clarify that I don’t have a girlfriend. This was something I needed to clear for a long time. It’s a misunderstanding that has been allowed to go on for too long. Amita and I were close friends. And we were together for some time, though not as a couple. Our togetherness was mistaken for something else. I’m much relieved to clear this notion.”So how did they end up being a couple on Nach Baliye? “We were friends and we suited the rules and regulations of Nach Baliye…You could say we were a pair, or you could say were never a pair. I never proposed to her. There was never a girlfriend-boyfriend tag.We were two people who hung out together quite often.”Karan is currently one of Indian television’s most coveted stars. “Really?” he feigns disbelief. “Now that you’ve brought it to my notice, I’m flattered and thrilled. Yeah, the change has been quite sudden, though I hardly get time off from television to see what I’ve achieved. I was just one of the bit players on Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki where I was almost a junior artiste. I was suddenly pulled out of the back bench to play the lead in Kasturi.I never thought the serial would fetch me so much recognition. It just boosts your morale to know you’ve finally arrived. I guess I’ve made big progress.”Karan Patel has now taken on another tv assignment. “I’m anchoring a show called Kaho Na Yaar Hai. It’s a fun game-show where celebrities come with their best friend. I’d say it’s a tribute to friendship.”The young actor says he was always confident of his success. “But I never knew it would happen so suddenly. One day I was just another face on television. The next day I was Robby in Kasturi. Then Nach Baliye happened. Now I’m anchoring a show for Star. I couldn’t have hoped for more.”He admits the fan attention has multiplied. “I’m now craving to make the next move…to cinema. Insha Allah, it should happen soon. Yes television has its own place now. But when you do a lot of television, you become identified as the character you play in the soaps. Smriti will be known as Tulsi no matter what she does in future.But age and time are on my side. So I can be patient.I’ll have to cut off from television, re-invent myself for the big screen. Yes I do have film offers.”He admits Nach Baliye added to his popularity. “Weekdays I was seen on a soap. And during weekends I was seen as dancer on a reality show.So I was there in viewers’ faces throughout the week. It gave me a chance to dance, something I am very fond of. I used to dance for Shiamak Davar’s troupe earlier. Yes, I was preparing for stardom from my childhood,” says the sole heir of a Gujarati business family. “My dad was very encouraging of my acting ambitions. He made me join dance classes.”

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