Police Promise To Probe Fisherman’s Claim Against Salman Khan

A couple of days back, there had been news in the press that a fisherman’s family from Bandra had leveled claims against Salman Khan’s bodyguards, blaming them of harassing the family, after Salman Khan bought some properties in the area.

Now, it looks that the authorities has promised a DCP enquiry in the probe. Police sources report that the fisherman, one Lawrence Falcon and his family, met Additional Police Commissioner (West Region) Vishwas Nangre Patil, who promised them that a DCP would do an inquiry into the issue. The cops have assured to be ready with a report within 14 days.

The fisherman’s family had earlier reported that Salman Khan, who had bought properties close to the beach in the Chimbai area of Bandra, had put up barricades around them and that Salman Khan’s bodyguards were harassing and terrifying them.

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