Salman Khan to promote a famous fairness cream brand!

Salman Khan is working at a frantic pace currently. From film projects to his NGO-Being Human business, to Tv shows to endorsements, he’s showing his fame and demand to all his rivals. And seems he’s set to take the notch little higher by entering in the endorsement zone of Shah Rukh Khan.

As per source, the actor has signed the agreement for endorsing a top company of men’s fairness cream. Salman has been given at least a couple of crores for the endorsement agreement. It’s reported that the brand that has signed Salman Khan for the endorsement is making its debut in the market of whitening cream for guys.

Presently, there are just 2 3 actors promoting fairness cream for males. Shahrukh Khan endorses Fair and Handsome, John Abraham is the brand ambassador of Garnier.

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