Sanjay Dutt ‘finishes’ his drink

Sanjay Dutt, quite a regular drinker, has vowed to keep off the peg. The actor, sources say, has decided to not to touch alcohol as he wants to rebuild his physique. Even though the actor kicked off a trend of sorts in Bollywood after he flaunted his well-built physique on screen, his body showed signs of deterioration when the actor was released from Yerawada jail on November 27, last year. Since then, the actor is working hard to get back his physique and had even hired a physical trainer from Los Angeles. Sources close to the actor say that Sanjay wants to get back his earlier physique fast. “Though he is out on bail and may be sent to jail again but he is a much more relaxed now. While he was in jail or was doing the rounds of court, he obviously could not maintain his physique. But now, he is looking to regain his fitness. He is working out big time and when his trainer asked him to quit drinking, he readily agreed,” the source says.The insider adds, “Sanjay is hungry to work. He wants to rebuild the physique he flaunted for years. People are talking of six-packs now but Sanjay was the man who had it before anyone even thought about it. Sanjay is pushing his body too much and you will see a grand new Sanjay very quickly.”

It was widely reported that Mark Twight, who has worked in Hollywood films like 300 and has also played a pivotal hand in bringing actor Gerard Butler back in shape, has been overseeing Sanjay’s work-out regime and was hired for an undisclosed sum of money. It was widely gossiped that the macho Bollywood actor was keen on getting an eight-pack abs, a concept completely new in India. ‘Baba’, as he is popularly called, loves working out and he had also said that with his getting eight-pack does not mean that he wants to start a trend.

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